A powerful new technology platform designed to keep machinery and operators safe from the harmful effects of dust…

Let us show you how we can protect your people and your equipment using state-of-the-art condition monitoring technologies that improve operational safety, lower your maintenance costs and improve your bottom line.

Don’t wait for your next PM to find out your engine has been damaged from dust ingress.

Undetected air-induction leaks can lead to rapid engine failure, machine down-time and loss of production. See how the DustGuard System uses smart sensing technology and intelligent engineering to enable real-time monitoring of engine combustion air.

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A new solution to mitigate the risks of dust inhalation, operator fatigue and accidents

Undetected air leaks in machine cabins pose a health risk to operators due to inhalation of dust particles. See how CabGuard can protect your people from the dangers of dust exposure and other environmental hazards that can lead to accidents and machine downtime.

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