CabGuard utilizes a compact suite of onboard sensors to actively monitor the operator cabin environment. Measurements are made using factory-calibrated, ruggedized and reliable sensors housed in a form-fitting enclosure that can be installed during routine machine maintenance.

The CabGuard module is installed in the operator cabin and connected to a DC power supply and the preferred data communications option (BLE 5.2, CAN bus J1939, NB-IOT / LTE-M cellular). On power-up, the CabGuard module performs a self-test procedure and then begins actively sampling the cabin air in order to detect and record particulates, CO2, temperature, humidity, pressure, VOCs and vibration levels. Particulates, gasses, temperature and humidity are ‘actively’ sampled using an internal, variable speed, ducted-fan system. Vibration and g forces are monitored and recorded using an onboard, tri-axis accelerometer. If unsafe conditions are detected, CabGuard transmits alerts via either a proprietary, cloud-based platform or via existing third-party monitoring systems.

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