The DustGuard Particle Sensing Module (PSM) is connected to the engine air induction system using flexible tubing in order to monitor the combustion air for particulate contamination.

Depending on the make, model and configuration of the engine, up to four (4) independent sample location points in the air induction system can be connected to the DustGuard module.

For larger engines with multiple air inlets / turbochargers, multi-location air sampling allows the DustGuard system isolate the location of the induction system leak and expedite repairs. In most applications, the DustGuard system is connected to the engine air induction system downstream of the turbo-compressor and/or supercharger outlets such that pressurized combustion air will be supplied to the DustGuard control module for analysis.

Sampling location points are typically downstream of engine charge-air cooling systems in order to detect possible leaks in those systems.

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